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My Background

As an athlete, I've gained experience with numerous injuries to help understand pain and the complex road to recovery and healing. With extensive training at the Esalen Institute of Massage in Big Sur, CA, I found that listening is often the best form of healing we can offer ourselves and others.


An entrepreneur in the Healing Arts:

Certified Yoga Instructor, Deep Body Work® practitioner, acrobatic performance artist,

medicinal herbal salve creator, and leader of international wellness retreats, I LOVE bringing the community together with events and workshops locally and around the globe.

Serving the Truckee and Lake Tahoe Community since 2010.


My Approach

Combining deep tissue work with patience, breath, and presence-based massage helps to release chronic functional imbalances. Each session and your preferred tissue depth is customizable to focus on exactly what is needed for you.

Our bodies have an infinite capacity to heal from within. With a little support and guided mindfulness we are able to deeply relax and create a beautiful space to nurture what is calling for extra attention and focus.

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